Among all the transmission rebuild kits available, which could be considered the best?  The answer to that one depends on a lot of factors, so we shouldn’t think that any singular rebuild kit would provide the solution to every conceivable transmission-related problem.


1. Transmission Rebuild Kits: No “One Size Fits All” Solution

When we look around us, we’ll see a wide variety of 4-wheeled motor vehicles: compact cars, family sedans, sports cars, limos, vans, trucks, and SUVs to name the ones most commonly seen on the road.  Each vehicle comes in a specific size and each serves a unique purpose.  It’s therefore impossible to imagine that, if all of these vehicles experience problems with their respective transmissions, a “one size fits all” solution will actually work.


2. Reality Check

Just as no two cars are alike, even if they are of the same make, no two transmissions are alike, either.  Although every vehicle ever made goes through wear and tear with the passing of time, no two vehicles travel the same roads in the same manner under the same conditions (e.g. weather and physical state of the road) and at the same regularity.  The resulting state of each vehicle, as well as its transmission, depends almost entirely on the person driving it.  If I happen to live next door to someone and it turns out by sheer coincidence that we both drive cars of the same make, even if they originated from the same factory, five will get you ten that the problems I will have with my car’s transmission won’t be the same as his.


3. Different Problems, Different Solutions

Transmission Rebuild KitsLet me explain this a little further using a hypothetical scenario.  Phil and I live in the same neighborhood, we work for the same company, and we own the same make of car, plus the route we drive to the office in the morning is more or less the same which means the state of our respective transmissions is pretty much the same, but that’s as far as similarities go.  What about in the afternoon?  Phil may be going home directly from work but I have other things to do like shop for groceries and pick my kids up from school or soccer practice, and that’s on a good day because otherwise I might get stuck in traffic in the course of running all those errands.  Therefore, my car travels a greater distance than Phil’s on any given day and my transmission will likely wear out faster than his.  When Phil and I both go to the same shop (We both live near that shop, after all.) to have our respective transmissions checked, the mechanic may recommend a more comprehensive rebuild kit for me while Phil’s will not have as many replacement parts.


4. Reviews Of Transmission Rebuild Kits

Transmission Rebuild KitsIf we are to browse through product reviews, we’d better make sure first that we are looking for those that describe the rebuild kits specific to our current make of car.  We won’t have a problem looking for an informative review or even the ideal kits themselves (unless, of course, we have the misfortune of owning cars so old that replacement parts specific to them are no longer being built).  Reviews of transmission rebuild kits can help us identify which will work best for us, but we won’t know the soundness of our final decisions until we are actually out on the road.